'Batman 3’ Won't Be Next For Christopher Nolan; 'The Dark Knight' Director Delays Sequel

Christopher NolanBat-fans across the globe were treated to a bit of disappointing news last night, as The Hollywood Reporter broke the story that "The Dark Knight" director Christopher Nolan's next project will be "Inception" -- an original screenplay written by Nolan and described as a "contemporary sci-fi actioner set within the architecture of the mind." This all but pushes back a sequel to 2008's box office champ for at least the next few years, as Nolan reportedly plans to begin filming "Inception" this summer for a 2010 release.

While the report puts to rest months of speculation as to whether Nolan would jump back into the Bat-franchise or take on a different project post-"Dark Knight," it's the details surrounding Nolan's next venture that have left fans with even more questions than answers.

As the source points out, roughly three years and a full-length feature ("The Prestige") passed between Nolan's previous Batman films, "Batman Begins" and "The Dark Knight," so while we may have to wait a few more years until we get "Batman 3," there's clearly still hope that Nolan will be back for a third film (especially if "Dark Knight" producer Chuck Roven's recent comments are to be believed that Nolan and his co-writing team were in discussions regarding a script for the third installment of the franchise).

That being said, there's also the mention that Nolan has reportedly long been attached to direct a big-screen adaptation of the classic British TV series, "The Prisoner," for Universal (away from Warner Bros., the studio that the director has had most of his success with). This could give fans cause for concern, as it means there's another project out there they may require Nolan's attention before heading back to Gotham City.

Are you disappointed that Nolan won't be taking on "Batman 3" next? Are you worried about his other pending projects? Let's hear your thoughts in the comments below.