Brian Bendis Explains His Role In 'Thor' Movie, Likes Kenneth Branagh's 'Buzzwords'

'Thor'Just because Brian Michael Bendis won't be penning the upcoming "Thor" film doesn't mean the resident architect of the Marvel universe doesn't have a stake in bringing the property Midgard-side. After a much-discussed meeting with "Thor" director Kenneth Branagh alongside Marvel's Editor-In-Chief Joe Quesada last week, Bendis told MTV News he's a true believer -- and that the director has hit enough Asgardian source material to understand what fans are looking for.

"It was very cool to see that he got it. We walked in the room and he said all the right words," said Bendis, who related the meeting to his own experiences establishing comics cred. "When I'm on a panel, there will be a buzzword I'll say that I know will make a real Avengers fan think, 'Okay, he's read it -- he knows.' That's definitely what we saw Kenneth Branagh do."

Even as Bendis continues to orchestrate Marvel's major comic events, he insists his role in Marvel's film franchise remains facilitory.

"I recently re-signed with Marvel and part of what they asked me to do was more of what I'd done with the 'Iron Man' movie and some of the Spider-Man stuff --- just be there when I'm needed and be an extra set of ears and such, " said Bendis. "That's all."

"I'm not writing it or anything like that," laughed Bendis. "Don't worry, Thor fans."

What do you think about Bendis' involvement with "Thor"? Would you liek to see him more involved or, perhaps, writing the film? What about his take on "buzzwords" that indicate comics cred?

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