EXCLUSIVE: Paul Giamatti Says It Would Be 'Fantastic' To Play The Penguin In 'Batman 3’

There's been no shortage of casting rumors flying around when it comes to potential villains for the next Batman film, whether it's Rachel Weisz playing Catwoman or Eddie Murphy playing The Riddler. And while we've had some fun with them from time to time, there are a few rumors that seem plausible enough to bring to the stars themselves for comment -- for example, the recent buzz that "Sideways" star Paul Giamatti could play The Penguin in the follow-up to "The Dark Knight."

When MTV News bumped into Giamatti, we ran the rumor by him to find out what he had to say about it.

"That would be fantastic," Giamatti told MTV News. "I'd love to do that."

Giamatti claimed he hadn't heard about the rumors casting him as the Batman villain last played by Danny DeVito (and before that, by Burgess Meredith), but said he'd be honored to play the classic Batman villain.

"You know, I'm still stuck back in the 'Batman' TV show days," confessed Giamatti. "That's what I grew up watching, so I never followed the more current stuff. But The Penguin would be great to do."

Think Giamatti would make a good Penguin, or is Oswald Cobblepot better left out of future Batman movies? Let us know what you think!