EXCLUSIVE: Catwoman Makes Sense For 'Batman 3,' Says Veteran Dark Knight Writer Greg Rucka

'Batman'To fans of "Batman," writer Greg Rucka has become a name synonymous with the character. In addition to delivering some of the Bat-universe's most groundbreaking story arcs ("Batman: No Man's Land," "Bruce Wayne - Fugitive"), Rucka now handles writing duties on DC's Bat-friendly monthly "Detective Comics" series.

MTV caught up with DC's resident Bat-expert to get his two cents on 2008's box office champ, "The Dark Knight," and how he thinks Warner Bros. and director Christopher Nolan (if he decides to return) should tackle "Batman 3."

"It would seem to me logical now that -- spoiler alert -- miss Rachel Dawes passed away, now would be the time to bring in Selina Kyle [Catwoman]," added Rucka. "That would be the appropriate time to introduce another love interest."

"But I have no idea where they should go for the third one, because they went to my favorite villain for the second," joked Rucka. "They did Two-Face already."

Rucka also makes a firm case for keeping the villain count low, adding, "I would urge them to stay away from the danger of heaping too many villains into the movie. I think superhero movies do badly when they try to back up the truck and say 'here’s the whole rogues gallery!'

"I don’t think you should pair Catwoman with Penguin again under any circumstances," laughed Rucka. "Cat… fish… problem!"

Do you agree with Rucka's take on the direction of the "Batman" film franchise? Would you like to see Catwoman in the next film, or a different villain? Let's hear it in the comments!

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