Greg Rucka Says 'Whiteout' Adaptation Faithful, But Exact Recreation Would Be 'A Crappy Movie'

During this year's New York Comic Con, veteran novelist and newly minted “Detective Comics” writer Greg Rucka sat down with MTV News to discuss the upcoming big-screen adaptation of his graphic novel “Whiteout," directed by Dominic Sena and starring Kate Beckinsale. While Rucka assured fans that the film would be faithful to its source material, the writer offered up some frank comments about the adaptation process-- and how it's usually received.

“I was with Steve Lieber, my co-creator on it, and we’re walking around these South Pole-based sets, and it was like walking through Steve’s drawings,” Rucka told MTV News Saturday. “The thing is, unless you’re Frank Miller and you’re going to do 'Sin City' or something like that shot for shot, you’re not going to get a comic book on a movie screen -- and you shouldn’t."

Published by Oni Press, the book tells the story of Carrie Stetko (Beckinsale) a US Marshall stationed near the South Pole tasked with uncovering the identity of a murderer before the sun sets for six months.

“If you read 'Whiteout -- and I’m very proud of it to this day -- [but] if you shot what I wrote and Steve drew, you would have a crappy movie," said Rucka. "We didn’t create a movie, we created a comic book miniseries. So you have to take that and adapt it. If you’re not going to do that and you’re going to piss and moan when they change something, you’re not being terribly realistic.”

“Whiteout” hits theaters September 11, 2009.

Is Rucka right about comic book adaptations? Do you think "Whiteout" should've received the shot-for-shot treatment? Let us know!