NYCC: What Happened When 'Iron Man 2’ Filmmakers Met With 'Invincible Iron Man' Writer Matt Fraction?

'Iron Man'During this year's New York Comic Con, MTV News chatted up “Invincible Iron Man,” writer Matt Fraction about “Iron Man 2,” his involvement with the film and all of the recent casting news. Last year, we reported that Fraction traveled to Los Angeles to meet with “Iron Man” Director Jon Favreau, writer Justin Theroux, and Marvel Studio’s Kevin Feige -- so what did they discuss?

“They were fans of my take, and they wanted someone in the room that came from comics and knew the Iron Man culture,” Fraction told MTV News. “It was basically a story workshop for about a week. They liked the real-world stuff. They liked the fact that it took place 20 minutes from now. And they liked that Stark was the guy with the horrible past and a hopeful future.”

There's been a lot of back-and-forth on the “Iron Man 2” front recently, from potential Black Widow Emily Blunt's scheduling conflicts and Mickey Rourke's uncertain casting and/or role (no Crimson Dynamo?), to Samuel L. Jackson saying he might not be returning for any Marvel movies. Fraction, however, has faith in the Iron Man's movie future.

“Favreau is a terrific director, a terrific guy, he feels and believes so strongly in what he does that I trust that whoever gets cast, gets cast because he’s the best person for the job,” said Fraction. “I can’t wait to see it. It's going to be a hell of a movie.”

What's your take on "Iron Man 2," readers? Think Fraction's confidence is well-deserved -- maybe because of his involvement in the film? Let us know!