NYCC: Joe Quesada Describes His 'Thor' Movie Meeting With Kenneth Branagh

'Thor'The "Thor" movie -- and director Kenneth Branagh's vision for it -- has been quite the topic of discussion among comics fans since the veteran Shakespearian actor and director was first rumored as likely helm to project, then confirmed his involvement to MTV News back in December. After Marvel Comics Editor-in-Chief Joe Quesada and the publisher's primary architect, Brian Michael Bendis, revealed last week that they'd met with Branagh to discuss the "Thor" movie, we grabbed Quesada for a quick recap of that meeting during this weekend's New York Comic Con.

"We spent seven or eight hours with Kenneth where he meticulously took us through the beats of the 'Thor' movie along with [Marvel Studios head] Kevin Feige and our friends at Marvel West," Quesada told MTV. "We just sat there, and it was almost like he acted out the entire movie."

As Quesada and Bendis shared with fans via Twitter last week, the pair had no shortage of compliments for Branagh's willingness to get to know the Marvel universe.

"You just thought, 'Wow. This guy has immersed himself in the Marvel culture -- not just in Thor -- but in the Marvel universe in general," said Quesada. "He knew a lot of stuff -- some things that I didn't even know."

"He was reciting Thor stuff from the past, continuity events, quotes from different books, little bits and pieces from stories that he really found fascinating -- whether they were old [Jack] Kirby and [Stan] Lee stories or [Walter] Simonson stories or modern stuff that we're doing," continued Quesada. "He really got it."

So, what do you think, comics fans? Will Branagh be faithful to Thor fans and give 'em what they want in a live-action film?