NYCC: 'Astro Boy' Soars With New Images, Sneak Peek At Summit Panel

Fans anxiously awaiting the big screen debut of "Astro Boy" have been on a rollercoaster ride as of late, what with rumors of financial troubles at Imagi Entertainment (the studio producing the CGI animated film) and straight-up rejections from the hottest girl in the room, Scarlett Johansson. But since then, it seems like the folks at Imagi have been pulling out all the stops in the hopes to quell the jangled nerves of geeks everywhere with statements from the Imagi's U.S. President, Erin Corbett, and some sweet new images dropping on the web.

And those in attendance on Saturday night's Summit Entertainment panel at the New York Comic Con got to see a special sneak peak at a clip straight from the flick. Sorry folks, but recording devices were strictly prohibited at the event, but we've got good news -- managed to land even more stills from the film, and we've got 'em here. Check out Astro Boy taking a quick trip around Metro City below...

'Astro Boy'

...and after the jump, we've got another one for ya, as well as a description of what we got to see at the panel.

The clip started out with a scream -- literally -- as we see Astro Boy in mid-fall from the top of one of Metro City's numerous skyscrapers. As he drops out of sight, the camera slowly pans down to see that Astro Boy's rocket boots have activated, much to our little Japanese Pinocchio's relief. After that, we got to see Astro Boy learn how to use his newfound power, as he zips around Metro City, racing bullet trains and eventually punching his way through a mountain (which was actually seen in a clip shown a few months back).

'Astro Boy'

As with most CGI features, the animation is absolutely flawless (despite the insistence of the moderator that the clip was still "rough") but to Astro Boy fans out there who were skeptical of this type of treatment, rest assured that you will not be disappointed with Imagi's vision of the character. Personally, I'm counting down the days until the film's debut in October!

Were you at the "Astro Boy" screening at NYCC this weekend? What did you think?