Check It Out: 'Green Arrow And Black Canary' Artist Cliff Chiang's 'True Adolescents' Movie Poster

'True Adolescents'When your day-to-day world is the place where comics and movies collide, your email tends to fill up with some pretty interesting stuff. Case in point: A message I received from the filmmakers behind "True Adolescents," a coming-of-age indie film about an aging Seattle rocker who gets lost in the woods during a camping trip and has to "man-up" to get himself -- and the two teenagers he took camping -- home safely. What really piqued my interest about this one, though, was the art that accompanied the message.

The poster art for "True Adolescents" was created by "Green Arrow & Black Canary" cover artist Cliff Chiang, who's also working on DC/Vertigo's "Greendale" graphic novel with Neil Young. (Chiang also provided the art for one of my favorite under-the-radar DC titles, the absolutely bizarre "Doctor 13.")

Read on for the full poster art, as well as some info about "True Adolescents."

'True Adolescents'

"True Adolescents" was directed by Craig Johnson and features Mark Duplass ("Humpday") and Academy Award nominee Melissa Leo ("Frozen River"). The film's editor and co-producer Jennifer Lee (who initially contacted me about the project) is a former Marvel and DC comics editor who worked on various series including "Wolverine," "Daredevil" and "Transmetropolitan." The film will premiere at SXSW 2009, March 13-21.

You can check out more of Cliff Chiang's work (including some great comic art and concept designs) at

What do you think of the "True Adolescents" poster, folks?