Malin Akerman Shoots Down 'Watchmen 2' Rumors: 'Why Do It?'

'Watchmen'Recently, the Interwebs exploded with talk that director Zack Snyder might consider a move many fanboys would find nothing short of blasphemy: Shooting a sequel to the “Watchmen” movie that hits theaters next month.

The good news is that Snyder insists "Watchmen 2" will never happen; the better news is that actress Malin Akerman is among the many stars of the film who’d also likely say "no" to the idea.

“It would be interesting to see,” guessed the actress, who plays Silk Spectre II in the film. “But I don’t really know how [a sequel] would ever be possible. Because ‘Watchmen’ is ‘Watchmen,’ and we covered pretty much the whole novel.”

A sequel would most certainly have to be made without participation from Alan Moore, thereby taking the franchise even further away from the vision of legendary graphic novelist (who has already disowned Snyder’s film). That alone would scare most people away from such a project, no matter how much sequel-worthy money “Watchmen” takes in next month.

“I would be curious to see what [a sequel] would look like,” Akerman allowed. “But I don’t know if that would fly.”

For his part, Snyder shot down ideas of a sequel on multiple occasions, and said this most recent rumor is the result of a short-film comic tie-in that never happened. And Akerman, for one, sounds perfectly comfortable with the notion of hanging up her yellow-and-black outfit forever more.

“The costume was a fabulous latex material, which looks great, but doesn’t feel as great to wear it. It’s like putting elastic bands all over your body, and then putting a corset on top of that to cinch in the waist - so it can’t really breathe or move,” she laughed. “But it looked fabulous, so that’s all that counts in the end.”

As for a Silk Spectre return: “I’m not sure if there are talks of it,” Akerman explained of a sequel. “If no one wants to watch it, then why do it?”

Once and for all: Are you even willing to consider the possibility of future “Watchmen” movies? Or should Hollywood leave Alan Moore’s masterpiece alone after next month’s film