Spider-Man And Barack Obama: 'Amazing Spider-Man' #583 Team-Up Hits Fifth Printing

'Amazing Spider-Man' #583 5th PrintingLast month, Marvel Comics was practically printing money with its Barack Obama-inspired cover to "Amazing Spider-Man" #583, with copies of the issue flying off shelves as fast as fans of the new fanboy-friendly US President could snatch 'em up. Well, the issue is still a big hit with the "collectors item" masses, as Marvel announced today that the ever-lovin' ASM #583 is headed to a fifth printing with yet another variation of the Obama/Spidey cover.

We've posted the full cover image for the upcoming printing after the jump, but you can pick it up for yourself on February 18. Politics and comic books have never been friendlier, it seems.

According to Marvel, the new printing offers readers a "chance to experience the story uniting Barack Obama with the character that, in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, he named his favorite super hero!"

Here's the new cover image for the issue, featuring art by Phil Jimenez, which hits shelves February 18:

'Amazing Spider-Man' #583 5th Print

What do you think of the latest printing, true believers? sick of the Obama-Spidey thing yet? Wish our new president would make more comics cameos? Sound off!