'Watchmen' Star Jeffrey Dean Morgan On His Favorite Souvenirs And The Story's Significance

'Watchmen'There are certain accessories that define superheroes -- Superman's cape or Wonder Woman's tiara, just to name a few. And in the world of "Watchmen," there is no piece of flair more ubiquitous to the story than The Comedian's smiley face pin. For those of us who have read the comic, it's right there in the first panel of page one, and from what we've seen of director Zack Snyder's adaptation so far via "Watchmen" trailers and "Watchmen" posters, it looks to play a major symbolic role in the film as well.

So, naturally, you'd assume that Jeffrey Dean Morgan -- the actor who portrays The Comedian -- got to walk away with the pin that's become the iconic image of highly-anticipated flick... but you'd be wrong.

"I don't have the smiley face pin," laughed Morgan. "I have a domino mask and my dog tags from Vietnam which are pretty cool. I have those two items. I know Zack took my guns -- that made me mad, I wanted those puppies [laughs]! But yeah, that's what I made off with."

Regardless of not getting the opportunity to bring home a piece of comic book history -- or an arsenal of big honkin' guns -- Morgan sees the chance to play a role in "Watchmen" as souvenir enough.

"It's such a smart piece of literature," said Morgan. "It's unlike any comic book that's ever been written. It takes whatever we know about superheroes and throws it right out the window. I know the 'Watchmen' fans are going to go see it, but I hope everybody gets a chance to see it because it does take any kind of preconceived notions we have about superheroes and throws it out right out the window and superheroes movies are a big deal right now."

Which souvenir would you have liked to bring home from the set of "Watchmen?" Let's hear it in the comments.

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