Wolverine Music, Iron Man 2 Buzz & Green Hornet's Director In... The Back-Issue Bin!

'Wolverine'This week kicked off with pomp and celebration as the 2009 Academy Awards went big on comic book movies, including a much-deserved Oscar for Heath Ledger and a comics-friendly musical number by "Wolverine" star Hugh Jackman. Here's what the rest of the week had in store for us:

- We got reactions from various comic book creators to this year's Oscars, and their responses might surprise you!

- Some hints were dropped about the "Iron Man 2" story and an "Iron Man 2" casting call hit the 'Net, while one cast member left the film, another confirmed his role in "Iron Man 2" (among other Marvel films), and one remained undecided. In the end we decided that an "Iron Man 2" news roundup was the best bet for keeping track of it all.

- Seth Rogen's "Green Hornet" movie found itself a director, and the writer/star of the film explained how the new guy behind the camera got the job.

- We brought you the first details about the "Stretch Armstrong" movie that will make a "reluctant superhero" out of the popular toy.

- And just like every other weeks for the past few months, "Watchmen" news popped up around every corner, with Zack Snyder explaining key differences between the film and the book, some discussion of Alan Moore's anti-Hollywood stance with the "Watchmen" director, and yet another new clip, with a focus on Rorschach this time around. Snyder capped it all off by telling MTV that he'd prefer if newbies don't read "Watchmen" before they see the film (and you can imagine how well that went over with fans).

And there you have it, folks -- see ya Monday!