'Green Lantern' Movie Initially Tagged For 'Monster House' Director Gil Kenan?

'Green Lantern'Earlier today we brought you some "Green Lantern" casting rumors that attached "Star Trek" and "Terminator: Salvation" actor Anton Yelchin as a potential Hal Jordan in the much-anticipated film based on DC's Emerald Knight. While the latest news doesn't cast a new light on the future of the project, it does give cause for some "What If?" pondering, with reports surfacing that "Monster House" and "City of Ember" director Gil Kenan was initially tagged to helm "Green Lantern" before current director Martin Campbell ("Casino Royale") was attached.

According to The Playlist, anonymous sources (which should always prompt you to take whatever news that follows with a grain of salt) indicate that Kenan was all set to direct "Green Lantern" until a poor showing for the well-reviewed but under-the-radar "City of Ember" caused the studio to look elsewhere.

"It's not known whether the portions of the script Kenan worked on remain, or were excised by [writers Michael] Green and [Marc] Guggenheim," wrote Playlist's Gabe Toro, who also reviewed the "Green Lantern" script in his report.

Previously, Guggenheim spoke with MTV about various changes he and his writing partners made to the "Green Lantern" script, but there was no mention of Kenan.

"Green Lantern" is currently scheduled to hit theaters Dec. 17, 2010.

Would Kenan have made a better "Green Lantern" director, or is Campbell the guy for this project? Let us know what you think in the comment section!