Fox Atomic And Boom Studios Form Co-Publishing Deal For Movie-Based Comics

'The Hills Have Eyes: The Beginning'Announced today at Wonder Con in San Francisco, comics publisher Boom Studios and movie studio/publisher Fox Atomic (a division of 20th Century Fox) have formed a co-publishing agreement to produce ongoing and limited series comics based on Fox Atomic film properties.

As part of the arrangement, the Fox Atomic Comics publishing arm that previously produced original graphic novels based on Fox Atomic properties such as "28 Days Later" and "The Hills Have Eyes" will become a Boom Studios imprint. While neither company has announced any of the upcoming titles resulting from the deal, several projects are expected to go public in July and throughout the summer convention season.

"We'll be doing a number of established properties that people will be instantly familiar with and some older properties that might need a brand new coat of paint," Fox Atomic editor-in-chief R. Eric Lieb told MTV News.

According to Lieb, the line of ongoing and limited series will initially be released in standard, single-issue format rather than as full graphic novels (as Fox Atomic Comics' previous projects were released), with trade paperback collections of each series planned.

As for whether any of the planned series are intended to spawn movies of their own, Lieb told MTV News that the new imprint is "putting cool comics first."

"Could there be a movie down the line? Sure," said Lieb. "We're a movie studio first and foremost, but you need to have cool comics before you can even consider that."

What do you think about the deal with Fox Atomic and Boom Studios? Looking forward to the projects this could produce? Weigh in with your comments!

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