Emily Blunt On Losing 'Iron Man 2’ Black Widow Role: 'It's A Little Disappointing'

Emily BluntEarlier this week, we rounded up the various pieces of "Iron Man 2" casting news that have been peppering the 'Net lately, and while there haven't been any changes -- which is a surprise, given the revolving-door casting reports for the film these days -- there is an update to bring your way.

Not only has former Black Widow actress Emily Blunt confirmed her non-casting in "Iron Man 2," but the actress offered up some frank thoughts on her brief Marvel movie experience.

"It's a little disappointing is all I can say," Blunt told reporters at a recent press event, according to AceShowBiz, when asked about losing the "Iron Man 2" gig due to scheduling conflicts with the Fox film "Gulliver's Travels."

Blunt was announced as the actress playing Russian super spy The Black Widow back in January, but her contract for participation in "Gulliver's" subsequently threw the casting into question. Since then, rumors have pegged Scarlett Johansson as next in line for the role, while "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" alum Eliza Dushku also threw her name into the ring on a national radio show.

"I'm okay," said Blunt of life post-"Iron Man 2" casting. "Because I just have to do this Fox movie, and it's fine and I'm gonna have fun. The whole beginning of the year has been rather dramatic, so I'd just rather go in with fresh eyes and know that I've made the right decision. You just don't know until it's all finished and done with, do you?"

What do you think about the on-again, off-again casting of Blunt as Black Widow? What about her response?