Michael Clarke Duncan Is In for 'Sin City 2’... If It Ever Happens

Michael Clarke Duncan in 'Sin City'In the grand scheme of movie news, it might take a backseat only to the “Arrested Development" movie. But other than that long-in-development translation, it’s hard to think of a more-anticipated great white whale than “Sin City 2.”

We’ve been harassing everyone from Mickey Rourke and Frank Miller to Robert Rodriguez and Alexis Bledel about the possible sequel, and even asked Angelina Jolie -- and she wasn’t even in the first film.

So, if for no other reason than to complete our collection, I figured I’d better ask the larger-than-my-house Michael Clarke. In real life, you’d be hard-pressed to find a nicer guy -- and the “Street Fighter” star was more than happy to add his name to the list of actors who’d love to return to the black, white and red world of the 2005 flick.

“You know what? I have not been approached,” Duncan said candidly, echoing the comments of his co-stars in the franchise. “But I know all the bloggers are saying I'd be the perfect choice to come back as Manute.”

Like so many other characters, Duncan’s Manute was killed in the original flick. But seeing as how the character has been crucified, shot, beaten up numerous times and had an eyeball removed in Frank Miller’s comics, it seems quite possible that he could have plenty more scenes to come. Not to mention, “Sin City 2” will reportedly be more prequel than sequel.

“I'd love to come back as Manute,” Duncan insisted, adding that he hasn’t read Frank Miller’s recently turned-in "Sin City 2" script. “Working with Robert Rodriquez was really cool. He's the type of director that goes around playing his guitar all day, he doesn't holler, he doesn't fuss, he doesn't fight, he's a real mellow director.”

With any luck, the movie will begin filming before I resort to asking David Long (the caterer on the first film) whether he knows of any movement on a “Sin City” sequel.

“And hopefully when ‘Sin City 2’ comes out,” Duncan added, “You'll see me as Manute."

Do you think the “Sin City” sequels will ever get made?