Michael Jackson Auction Offers Life-Size Batman Costume, Superman & Spider-Man Statues, More…

If you’ve ever wondered what Michael Jackson’s yard sale would look like, there’s an auction at the Beverly Hills Hilton kicking off in April that should answer all of your questions. The King of Pop’s estate has a dumbfoundingly large catalog of geek goodies going up on the auction block — and a few items clearly show that Jackson has a sweet tooth for superheroes.

In addition to life-size statues of Batman, Spider-Man and Superman, the Julien’s Auctions list of items up for bidding includes a signed Alex Ross print, a 1988 print displaying all of Marvel Comics’ characters, and signed polychrome Randy Bowen statues. There’s even a life-size molded rubber Batman costume fitted over a replica of Michael Jackson — a two-for-one deal, perhaps? (We’ve posted a few images from the auction after the jump.)

The site also has stunning rundown of vintage arcade machines owned by the reclusive pop icon, including an original 6-player “X-Men” arcade cabinet and a “Marvel Vs. Capcom” cabinet. That means that for opening bids of 1,000 dollars or so, a few lucky comics fans could have the chance to not only entertain their friends on classic arcade games, but do so with the knowledge that they’re playing on games previously owned by the Moonwalker himself.

What would you buy out of Michael Jackson’s massive auction? Is there anything in the catalog that surprises you? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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