Mae Whitman As Roxy Richter In 'Scott Pilgrim' Movie -- An 'Arrested Development' Reunion!

Mae Whitman in 'Scott Pilgrim'"Scott Pilgrim vs. the World" director Edgar Wright continues to fill his photo blog with cast and set images from the much-anticipated film. This time, we get yet another half-face peek at one of the stars of the film, Mae Whitman, who will play Roxy Richter.

A "half-ninja" artist, Richter was the roommate and one of the seven former paramours of Ramona Flowers (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) that Scott Pilgrim (Michael Cera) must fight to win her love. (We've posted a full-size version of the photo after the jump.)

While the characters played by Cera and Whitman will square off in a battle for Flowers' affections in "Scott Pilgrim," the pairing of the two actors will be a reunion of sorts, as Whitman also played the recurring girlfriend of Cera's character on the over-too-soon television series "Arrested Development." But, as anyone familiar with these two Whitman characters will certainly attest, Richter and "Bland Ann" (Whitman's character in "Arrested") couldn't be more different -- which should be pretty obvious from the most recent photo.

Mae Whitman in 'Scott Pilgrim'

Previously, Wright brought us a photo of Chris Evans as Lucas Lee that was accompanied by a mystery photo (rumored to be Jason Schwartzman), and even offered some photos of the cast suited up for the much-discussed animation element of the film. Will Whitman's on-screen brawl with Cera fall into the animation/live-action pool in "Scott Pilgrim"? We'll find out later this year, it seems.

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