'Suicide Squad' Movie Franchise Planned By Warner Bros. And 'Sherlock Holmes' Producer

'Suicide Squad'DC Comics’ most recent movie adaptations, “The Dark Knight” and “Watchmen,” began turning the tide toward a darker vision for superhero comics in film. Now Warner Bros. appears to be riding that trend by tagging the comic book team “Suicide Squad” for its next big project -- and they want a franchise, not just a film.

“Sherlock Holmes” producer Dan Lin will guide the project, according to a Variety report. The first movie will also get veteran screenwriter Justin Marks, who has written scripts for comic book movie adaptation “Hack/Slash” at Rogue Pictures, as well as “Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun Li,” which opens this week.

The movie will be based off of the modern incarnation of DC’s “Suicide Squad,” a team of imprisoned supervillains offered a chance at freedom for participating in black ops missions. The team has included such DC characters as Deadshot, Nightshade, Captain Boomerange, Captain Cold, and Count Vertigo.

If dark is the direction major studios want to take comics-based films, there are few grittier mainstream properties to tap for anti-heroes and sadistic impulses. The series is a fan-favorite among DC fans, having been scripted by such big-name writers as Keith Giffen and John Ostrander. It's known for inviting some of the DC Universe's most demented villains into its ranks.

Which team members do you want to see included in the "Suicide Squad" for the film? Do you think the series is a solid pick for DC's next project? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.