EXCLUSIVE: Zack Snyder Says Don't Read 'Watchmen' Until After You See The Movie

'Watchmen'Mel Gibson’s “The Passion of the Christ.” George Lucas’ decision to make the “Star Wars” prequels. Gus Van Sant’s shot-by-shot remake of “Psycho.” And now, “Watchmen.”

In the history of Hollywood, few directors have ever attempted something as bold, daring and flat-out ballsy as Zack Snyder’s heartfelt attempt to bring Alan Moore’s “unfilmable” graphic novel to the big screen. Recently, we detailed several of the story tweaks he was forced to make while squeezing dozens of plotlines into the just-under-3-hours movie that hits theaters March 6. And I couldn’t help but ask: Should a newbie read the graphic novel before they see his movie, or go into it completely pure?

“I say don’t read the book,” Zack explained. “Only because -- and this is selfish by me -- we’ve all seen superhero movies, but for them to go in expecting what they expect from superheroes and their morality? All those things that ‘Watchmen’ is the opposite of? That experience is richer not knowing [what’s coming].”

But let’s be honest here: Anybody visiting Splash Page has likely memorized every word of Alan Moore’s graphic novel by now. And if you haven't... Well, we're certain Snyder would still tell you to add it to your bookshelf as soon as possible -- but not to open it up until after March 6.

What do you think, “Watchmen” fans? Are you encouraging your newbie friends to read the graphic novel before March 6th, or to hold off until after they see the flick?