EXCLUSIVE: Jeffrey Dean Morgan Role Confirmed For 'The Losers,' Jeremy Renner Joining Cast?

'The Losers'Word broke last week that actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan would be joining the cast of "The Losers," the Sylvain White-directed adaptation of Andy Diggle's Vertigo series. Now, MTV News has heard from another potential cast member for the film, Jeremy Renner, who revealed that the brawny "Watchmen" actor will be playing the role of Clay, the leader of the team for which the series is titled.

"I think they’re doing the casting now," Renner told MTV News when asked about the rumors connecting him to the film. "I know Jeffrey Dean Morgan got Clay, which he should be great in."

Morgan and Clay are a logical match given their builds and demeanors. Playing The Comedian in "Watchmen" likely bolstered Morgan's chances, giving him a shot to show off as a high-profile comic book character with the king of reckless attitudes. Renner, meanwhile, hasn't been tied to a part yet. But that doesn't mean he doesn't know who he wants. The "S.W.A.T." and "28 Weeks Later" actor revealed that he has his eyes on the part of loud-mouthed hacker Jensen.

"I like Jensen," Renner said. "I think that would be a fun role. Who knows? I’m not a big comic book reader but I like good stories."

"Timing wise I don’t know if it’s going to work out," he said of his participation in the movie, but the chance to join a cult-favorite comic book team of badasses definitely has him hopeful. Renner credited the story's premise of "misfits and underdogs" for drawing him to the project.

"The Losers" follows a group of black-ops Special Forces soldiers left for dead by the CIA, is fundamentally a revenge tale about the team members' quest to get their lives back and turn the tables on their former leader, Max.

Do you think Jeffrey Dean Morgan is a good pick to play Clay in "The Losers"? What about Jeremy Renner for the role of Jensen? Share your reactions and suggestions in the comment section below!