EXCLUSIVE: First 'Stretch Armstrong' Movie Details -- Will Feature Live-Action, Reluctant Superhero

'Stretch Armstrong'When MTV News told you a few weeks ago that writer Steve Oedekerk ("Bruce Almighty") will pen the big-screen debut of Hasbro's Stretch Armstrong doll, the pairing made a certain amount of sense. The man who has written for real-life rubberman Jim Carrey tackling a classic toy with many of the same abilities could in theory make for some inventive action and situation comedy. Now, new details suggest the movie will translate Stretch's toy-chest drama into physical superhero hijinks.

"The thing about Stretch Armstrong is he was comedic," Brian Goldner, CEO of Hasbro and the film's executive producer, told MTV News in an exclusive interview. "Imagine a comedic way to get into reluctantly finding out that you now have all these powers, and what do you do with it. Especially if people want to get their hands on those powers."

Hasbro has been busy recently, bringing properties like "Transformers" and "G.I. Joe" to the big screen. Unlike its big-budget-film Hasbro cousins, however, Armstrong comes unattached to any previously established cartoons and storylines. Therein lies the blank slate Oedekerk has to work with to develop the nearly naked stretchable doll into a main character.

Oedekerk can rarely be accused of taking a scene too seriously in his previous projects, such as "Kung Pow: Enter the Fist" and "Ace Ventura: Nature Calls." That seems to be exactly what Hasbro was looking for in this particular case.

"You have to treat it comically, you have to find the right comic beats," Goldner said. "Clearly Steve Oedekerk as our writer has the right kind of pedigree. So it’s a sort of a big comedic superhero movie that will play to a very broad audience." And what can Armstrong fans expect visually?

"Live action," Goldner predicted, "with a lot of special effects."

Think "Stretch Armstrong" has the flexibility for big-screen success? Do Steve Oedekerk's plans for the film bend your outlook toward the positive? Want the puns to stop? Sound off in the comment section!