EXCLUSIVE: 'Watchmen' Director Zack Snyder Explains Nine Differences Between The Comic Book And Film

'Watchmen'FROM MTV.COM: Imagine filming the Bible, but taking Jesus off the cross. Shooting "Harry Potter," but having no time for the Sorting Hat. Putting "The Giving Tree" on celluloid, but having to change the ending.

Those are the types of quandaries director Zack Snyder navigated while adapting "Watchmen," the beloved graphic novel deemed "unfilmable" by many — including Alan Moore, its creator.

Impressively, the "300" filmmaker has crammed an endless amount of sacred information into the fiercely faithful movie that hits theaters March 6. At our recent "Spoilers" taping, Snyder discussed the ending that he had to tweak for the sake of length. In the following article, he discusses nine other spoiler-heavy (you've been warned!) additions/subtractions that bridged the gap between the splash page and the screen.

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