Michel Gondry In Talks To Direct 'The Green Hornet'

'Michel Gondry'Back in December, we brought you the news that Stephen Chow would not be directing “The Green Hornet,” a project written by and starring Seth Rogen, but Columbia Pictures now appears to be in negotiations to replace Chow with director Michel Gondry. That’s right -- the same man who directed Jack Black and Jim Carrey in comedic sagas of the slightly surreal will now try his hand at a superhero film.

Announced today by The Hollywood Reporter, the choice of Gondry ("Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind," "Be Kind Rewind") could signal a very different direction for the project than initially proposed by Rogen or envisioned by the studio.

Previously, Rogen told MTV that he and co-writer Evan Goldberg wanted to do an origin story similar in tone to “True Lies,” with an emphasis on the characters’ personal relationships.

Chow reportedly stepped down from directing duties for "The Green Hornet," citing creative differences, but will remain on to co-star with Rogen as the title character’s sidekick Kato. The possibility loomed that Chow might withdraw from "Green Hornet" altogether, but he is apparently still attached to take on the role originally held by film legend Bruce Lee in the “Green Hornet” TV series.

Do you think Michael Gondry is a good choice to direct "The Green Hornet"? What do you think his style will bring to the film? Offer up your thoughts in the comment section below!

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