New ‘Watchmen’ Clip Reveals Opening Rorschach Scene

It’s a good thing “Watchmen” lasts 163 minutes, because with all of the footage already launched onto the Internet -- in addition to countless "Watchmen" viral videos, "Watchmen" interviews and a My Chemical Romance music video -- any shorter film would be strapped for surprises. This time, a 3:16 clip from near the beginning of the movie has gone live, and readers of the comics will recognize it nearly frame-for-frame.

Zack Snyder introduces the excerpt as an “exclusive,” but whether this was an official leak or not, there is definitely an element of winking and nudging here, since having a trailer up on the YouTube stage is about as un-exclusive as a piece of video can get.

We’ve already seen bits from the infamous “Watchmen” prison-break scene. This time, the latest leak heads back to the beginning of the graphic novel’s story.

Following the murder of The Comedian, Rorschach sets out to track down the killer and find out who’s hunting down his old teammates. The narration you’ll hear is actor Jackie Earle Haley nailing the detective-hero’s trademark rasp that makes his voice sound like it’s been massaged by aluminum shards.

What do you think of the newly leaked "Watchmen" clip? Does Haley seem to get one of the story's most complicated characters? Share your thoughts and reactions in the comment section below!