'Iron Man 2’ Casting Call Includes Hot Brunette, Mongolian Gangster

'Iron Man'A new casting call for "Iron Man 2" includes roles for a variety of characters likely to show up when director Jon Favreau begins filming. Rumored to riff off the classic "Iron Man" comic book story "Demon in a Bottle," the sequel to Marvel Studios' 2008 blockbuster appears to also be looking for a few ethnically diverse parts.

"Beautiful, sexy and authoritative. Please submit Caucasian actresses ages 25 - 28," reads the "Hot Brunette" listing from a casting call posted by Spoiler TV. The document also asks for a Mongolian gangster, French waiter with an "authentic Monaco accent," Russian guards capable of speaking fluent Russian, a middle-aged Caucasian male, and young multi-ethnic technicians.

Whereas Favreau's first "Iron Man" film set itself mainly in the U.S. and Afghanistan, this casting lineup suggests a few other locales may enter in the story, some of which may related to standing character rumors. The presence of Russian soldiers could support stories that Iron Man's Soviet-constructed nemesis will show up in the film -- even though Robert Downey Jr. told MTV that 2008 Best Actor nominee Mickey Rourke would not play Crimson Dynamo.

A Mongolian gangster might be slightly more ominous. Though no one has attached him to the film yet, Chinese supervillain and Iron Man arch enemy Mandarin would definitely have use for a few Mongolian thugs. If "Iron Man 2" involved organized crime out of Mongolia, though, there is a hefty chance that the Marvel Universe's resident Mongolian crime lord Haan Kaishek may be involved. Kaishek has clashed in Marvel comics with both Wolverine and the Silver Samurai.

What you think this leaked casting call means for "Iron Man 2"? Are there any possibilities you see coming out its character descriptions? Share your theories and thoughts in the comment section below!