Emily Blunt Officially Out Of 'Iron Man 2’ But Mickey Rourke Still Possible, Says Jon Favreau

Emily BluntAfter a flurry of recent speculation surrounding "Iron Man 2" and the involvement of actors Emily Blunt, Scarlett Johansson, Eliza Dushku and Mickey Rourke, director Jon Favreau might have cleared the air about the status of at least two of those actors last night.

"On E!'s post show at the red carpet of some party, Jon Favreau said that Fox exercised its option on Emily Blunt, and that she definitely won't be in 'Iron Man 2,'" reported a Playlist reader. The option mentioned refers to Blunt's casting alongside Jack Black in "Gulliver's Travels," which is likely to endanger her "Iron Man 2" role.

Favreau apparently didn't confirm any other candidates for the Black Widow role, but did keep the door open for "Wrestler" star and potential "Iron Man 2" villain Mickey Rourke.

"He said Mickey Rourke isn't officially cast but that he is a fan," wrote the tipster. Rourke was widely speculated to be holding out for more money in "Iron Man 2," where various sources had him connected to the parts of "Crimson Dynamo" or "Whiplash" (though Downey told MTV that Rourke would not be playing Crimson Dynamo). An Oscar win certainly would have ratcheted up his value, but even with one of the coveted gold statues on his mantle, rumored budget cutbacks may threaten to price him out of Marvel Studios' means.

Right now, though, Rourke fans will likely support any new project that results in more public speaking opportunities.

If Emily Blunt is out, who do you want to see play Black Widow? Do you think Mickey Rourke's Oscar loss will hurt his asking price for "Iron Man 2"? Chime in with your thoughts in the comment section below.