New Clip From Ed Brubaker's 'Angel Of Death' Hits The 'Net

Ed Brubaker, the writer who killed Captain America, has released a new clip from his web-only series “Angel of Death." The new clip (which debuted on comics site ComicVine) is titled "Cleaning Up," and features main character Eve (played by Zoe Bell of “Death Proof”) advising viewers how best to clean up a dead body.

The 8-10 episode series follows Bell as a Mafia-hired assassin who suffers from a devastating injury and subsequently decides to kill everyone who ever hired her to murder for money. Creator Brubaker spoke with Splash Page about "Angel of Death" back in August, and if you've read his pulp-noir inspired series “Criminal” and “Incognito,” you know Brubaker is no stranger to hard-boiled stories.

The series will also feature a cavalcade of comic book alumnus with Lucy Lawless (“Battlestar Galactica”) Doug Jones (“Hellboy I/II”) and Ted Raimi (“Spider-Man”).

"Angel of Death" will air in March on

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