Viral 'Watchmen' Video Pays Homage To 1980s MTV

With two weeks left before the movie's release, there are enough "Watchmen" video shorts careening around the Internet to fill at least a full DVD. Leading the way have been a series of vintage-tinted "Watchmen" TV news, "Watchmen" commercials, and "Watchmen" documentary clips that hearken back to the late days of US President Richard Nixon and early era of President Ronald Reagon. Now comes an homage to the great neon and brick-walled MTV countdowns of the 1980s -- in this case, 1983.

The "Veidt Music Network" anchor in the video runs through the superheroes featured in "Watchmen," counting down to a number one pick that is absolutely no surprise whatsoever -- it's Ozymandias, a.k.a. Adrian Veidt, the owner of VMD.

"He's the ultimate bachelor and international playboy, linked to Stevie, Sheena, and Madonna, regular at Studio 54 and best friends with Bowie and Jagger," explains the anchor.

There are plenty of Easter Eggy tidbits floating around this clip for those familiar with the story, which the hostess dubs "everything you ever wanted to know about the world's greatest costumed adventurers but were afraid to ask."

"Who knows? Maybe we'll see a reunion some day," she adds.

Well, that's a fair bet, considering a nightmare reunion is the premise of the "Watchmen" story. You'll also notice a plug and commercial running in the background for Adrian Veidt's "Nostalgia" fragrance, which was previously featured in a fake "Watchmen" commercial.

What do you think of the latest viral "Watchmen" release? Do you think they got the look right for the old MTV-esque studio? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!