'Iron Man 2’ News, 'Watchmen' Videos & 'Coraline' Fever: It's The Back-Issue Bin For Jan. 26-30, 2009!

'The Warriors'With this year's New York Comic-Con just around the corner, news about the movies based on our favorite comic books was hard to come by this week, but that doesn't mean we weren't able to give you a full slate of reading material! Check it out:

- The week kicked off with more awards for "The Dark Knight," but ended with scheduling conflicts for Emily Blunt and "Iron Man 2."

- My Chemical Romance covering Bob Dylan's "Desolation Row"? We had your first look at the video for MCR's "Watchmen"-inspired song.

- Writer David Atchison gave us an exclusive preview of the first issue of "The Warriors" comic book adaptation hitting shelves in a few weeks.

- "Coraline" hits theaters soon, so we brought you an exclusive clip from "Coraline" and some thoughts from director Henry Selick on the "scare factor" of the stop-motion 3-D film, among other coverage. Heck, we even put the spotlight on Nike's "Coraline" sneakers!

- Finally, director Guillermo del Toro gave us an update on "Hellboy 3” and where it fits in his future plans.

See you next week, true believers!