Has 'The Flash' Movie Snagged 'Johnny Quest' Screenwriter?

'The Flash'From what we've heard over the past few months, a feature film based on DC's Scarlet Speedster, The Flash, is certainly not living up to its moniker. Short of David Dobkin being announced as the film's director back in October of last year, there's been barely any movement on the project -- especially in terms of possible screenwriters.

But hold on to your hats, Flash fans, as IESB.com is reporting today that Dan Mazeau has been tapped to write the script for a feature film based on "The Flash." According to the site, Mazeau apparently impressed the head honchos over at Warner Bros. with his script for their upcoming film based on "Johnny Quest" so much that they decided to give him a crack at Flash...or did they?

While IESB says they are breaking this news with "100% certainty," when they posed this question to producer Chuck Roven recently, they were unable to get official confirmation.

"I can’t really give you any information about 'The Flash,'" Roven told IESB. "I can’t even confirm that Dan is on it. What I’m saying is, probably for about the last six months or so, the decision was made to really kind of, unless there was a DC character project that was ready to be green lit, to just not talk about it. So there’s nothing really that I can talk about at the moment."

Looks like The Flash remains in a holding pattern for the time being, folks...

Are you hoping to see "The Flash" make a mad dash to the silver screen? Or are there other DC characters who you'd rather see get the feature film treatment first?