No 'Iron Man 2' For Emily Blunt's Black Widow?

Emily BluntJanuary troubles for “Iron Man 2” don't seem to be over quite yet, as Emily Blunt, who was previously up to play the role of Russian femme fatale the Black Widow, probably won’t be in the film because of a scheduling conflict.

A report in Variety suggests that the "Iron Man 2" role was offered to her, but she’s under contractual obligation to star opposite Jack Black and Jason Segel in “Gulliver’s Travels,” which begins shooting in the U.K. in late March. “Iron Man 2,” goes before cameras in Southern California in April.

However, the Hollywood trade reports that both camps are working towards getting “The Devil Wears Prada,” star to appear in both films. Something tells me those flights back and forth should do wonders for the comic book character's wonderfully sunny disposition.

The news of Blunt's scheduling conflict is the third piece of "Iron Man 2" casting news to cast a negative light on the project lately, as just a few weeks ago it emerged that Mickey Rourke was offered a relatively low $250,000 to star in "Iron Man 2," and Samuel L. Jackson announced that he might not reprise his role as Nick Fury in any of Marvel's movies.

The Black Widow, for those not in the know, is a former KGB agent known for engaging her male targets in a relationship and subsequently eliminating them, hence the moniker of a spider known for killing its mate.

What do you think, Reader, would Emily Blunt make a great Black Widow? Who would you have replace her?