'Batman: Arkham Asylum' Video Game Teaser Trailer Spotlights The Joker

Here at Splash Page, we feel that the only thing better than a great comic book movie is a great comic book video game. So, naturally, we must've watched the original teaser trailer for Eidos' "Batman: Arkham Asylum" roughly five-bajillion times when it hit the 'Tubes a few months back.

That being said, you can only imagine our excitement when we saw that Gamespot.com not only got their mitts on an all new exclusive trailer for the upcoming, super-creepy lookin' Batman video game, but that our favorite psychopath, The Joker, turns out to be the main attraction. Check it out below...

"Batman: Arkham Asylum" will be available for the XBox 360 and PS3, and is scheduled to hit stores later this year.

What do you think, readers? Gonna be picking this game up when it hits stores? We wanna hear from you in the comments.