Nike's 'Coraline' Sneakers Get Designer Touch, MTV Staffer Longs For A Pair Of His Own

'Coraline' SneakersContributed by Steven Roberts

Here at Splash Page HQ, we’ve been on top of everything “Coraline” for a while now. From a 20-minute screening of "Coraline" last October to conversations with director Henry Selick about why he chose to make the film in 3-D and his minimal collaboration with “Coraline” creator Neil Gaiman when writing the screenplay. We’ve even brought you an exclusive clip of "Coraline." Yes, we've covered nearly every angle of the film, except... the “Coraline” sneakers!

As MTV News’ resident sneaker head, I felt this was being overlooked. I also wanted to weasel myself a pair.

To celebrate LAIKA Studio’s first film, the studio teamed with Nike to create a pair of Nike Dunks. Taking a page from Selick’s hand-crafted style, the sneakers feature a turned-edge, tonal contract canvas upper with a hand-sewn visible black seem. The sneakers were created by artists Gian Galang and Rob Heppler. I've included a pair of images I found of the sneakers posted on

'Coraline' Sneaker

There were 1,000 Coraline sneakers made, with 50 pairs packaged in prop-filled boxes that include (from what I can gather from the photos) things like faux cotton candy and cat-and-mouse lace locks. The boxes feature a gold and red circus pinwheel tent design, and even though the 50 specially packaged pairs seem to have been made for an exclusive club of people, I'd just like to say that MTV News’ Steven Roberts’ size-10 foot would be thrilled to join that club.


'Coraline' Sneaker

According to Neil Gaiman, the remaining pairs can be won by Coraline moviegoers -- which is another club I'm looking forward to joining soon.

For more on the Nike "Coraline" Dunks (including some great photo galleries of the shoes and packaging), check out HighSnobiety and

What do you think about the "Coraline" kicks, readers? Think you'd like to have a pair on your shelf or -- dare we say -- your feet?