EXCLUSIVE: Watch A Video Clip From My Chemical Romance's 'Watchmen'-Inspired Bob Dylan Cover

Way back in July 2008, we exclusively broke the news that My Chemical Romance would cover Bob Dylan's "Desolation Row" for the closing credits of "Watchmen." MCR frontman Gerard Way later described the tone of the "Watchmen"-inspired Bob Dylan cover as a "dirty punk song," but our conversation with the singer didn't end there.

Way revealed to MTV News just last month that the track would not, in fact, be confined to the end credits of the film, and instead, MCR's "Desolation Row" cover would be integral to the ending of "Watchmen."

Now, six months after first breaking the news about the track to Splash Page readers, we have your first look at MCR's "Watchmen"-inspired video for their cover of "Desolation Row."

The full video for MCR's "Desolation Row" cover will premiere on the iTunes Music Store this Friday.

For more on MCR's "Watchmen"-inspired Bob Dylan cover and Way's thoughts on the video, head over to MTV.com.