'Coraline' Director Henry Selick Explains Why He Went 3D For Neil Gaiman Adaptation

'Coraline'With large-scale stop-motion works like “The Nightmare Before Christmas” and “James and the Giant Peach” under his belt, there’s no question that Henry Selick was an ideal director to decide how Neil Gaiman’s “Coraline” would look on screen. Selick isn’t afraid of taking chances, even if it means scrapping one direction for another or taking a "less is more" approach toward his interaction with Gaiman. But when MTV sat down with the celebrated director, we still had to ask: why was filming a stop-motion world in 3D the right choice for “Coraline”?

Simply put, when it came down to turning “Coraline” into a believable, inhabitable world, Selick chose the technology he thought would best energize everything on the screen.

“The story itself -- finding a different world -- I wanted to draw people into that world, too,” Selick told MTV News. “3D was a way to enhance that space, that sense of being drawn in. I didn't want to punch people in the eye, which is actually one fine trick to do with 3D, but I’d rather sucker them into this world.”

“I did a 3D rock video 20 years ago with Lenny Lipton, the godfather of the modern 3D experience,” said Selick. “I worked with Lenny for View-Master and would check in with him from time to time.”

Already knowing what was possible with existing practices, a little good timing contributed big-time to Selick’s choices for his latest film.

“It just sort of happened that his technology was just about to go out to theaters as I was starting pre-production on ‘Coraline,’” he revealed. “With stop-motion, it's real stuff, and shooting in 3D sort of shows that off and lets the uniqueness of what it is separate from CG or drawn animation.”

Just in case you missed it, check out an exclusive clip from "Coraline" here on Splash Page!

Do you think stop-motion and 3D filming was the right way to go for “Coraline”? How appropriate was Selick’s decision for Gaiman’s original material? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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