'Serenity' Star Nathan Fillion Talks Up His 'Wonder Woman' Animated Team-Up With Keri Russell, Debuts New Images

Over the last month or so, we’ve heard from various members of the cast and crew for DC's "Wonder Woman" animated film, including Vicki Lewis (who will voice Persephone), producer Bruce Timm and "Wonder Woman" screenwriter Michael Jelenic.

Now, fan-favorite "Firefly" actor Nathan Fillion has spoken up about his role as Steve Trevor in the direct-to-dvd film, pairing him up once again with his “Waitress” co-star Keri Russell.

'Wonder Woman'

“Playing second fiddle to Keri, that's a wonderful fiddle to play. I've done it before, I'll do it again,” said Fillion. "As for her strengths as Wonder Woman, well, first of all, she has a jet. It’s not invisible, but it’s close. And she does wear a tiara. Not all the time--you’re not going to see her walking down the street in it. But she’s got it. And it looks good. She wears it well.”

Drawing from his experience watching the Lynda Carter “Wonder Woman,” television series, Fillion said his Steve Trevor is sort of an incidental hero.

“Steve Trevor is not a complex guy. He’s got a façade up, he’s got a defense up, but he drops it a little bit because he does care about Diana. I like that he’s got a bit of an arc, he’s got something to learn," said Fillion. "I think that’s what makes a good character and a good story. I think I’ve carved out a niche for myself in playing the not-so-hero. He’s the guy, but he’s not really quite THE guy you’d maybe turn to right away. He doesn’t apologize for much. He seems to be a pretty normal guy, or as normal as a guy hanging out with Wonder Woman can be.”

'Wonder Woman'

Coming up, you can catch Fillion in a title role on ABC’s “Castle,” premiering in March.

“Wonder Woman,” which features the vocal talents of Keri Russell, Alfred Molina, Virginia Madsen, Rosario Dawson and Oliver Platt, will premiere next Friday, February 6 at New York Comic Con. Fans who won’t be able to attend the special screening will have to wait until “Wonder Woman” hits shelves on DVD and Blu-ray on March 3. The film will also be available via OnDemand, Pay-Per-View, and digital download.

Looking forward to this one, folks? Think Fillion will make a good Steve Trevor? Sound off!