'Watchmen' Director Zack Snyder On Casting His Son As A Young Rorschach

'Harbinger'We've long been saying that, of all the fascinating (anti-)heroes in "Watchmen," the smart money is on Rorschach to be the stand-out character for those moviegoers who have never read the graphic novel. However, for those of us who have read the source material, this isn't too much of a stretch given his brutal, take-no-crap attitude in the comic.

Yet, one of the more gut-wrenching scenes involving Rorschach doesn't take place in a dive bar or an abandoned storefront, but during a flashback to his childhood, where we come face-to-face with the vigilante's abusive, prostitute mother. When it came time to cast young Rorschach and tell the nightmarish origins of the character, director Zack Snyder didn't have to look very far to find just the right actor, as he recently told Nylon Guys magazine.

"My son was in '300,' too, as the young Leonidus — he fights the dad, and then he punches a kid in the face," said Snyder of his budding actor in the family, Eli Snyder. "I feel like he’s together enough actually, that he can handle [the 'Watchmen' role]."

Yet playing the role of a burgeoning Spartan war hero is vastly different from that of a poor kid who has to watch his mother sell herself. That said, Snyder decided to take it easy on his son, but still made a point to really drive home the rough upbringing of Rorschach.

"I didn’t try to get to deep into it. Though there is a woman yelling at him, 'I should’ve had that abortion!'" said Snyder with a laugh, referencing a line from the book.

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