Top 10 Movie Badasses: Boba Fett & Ellen Ripley Make The Cut, MTV Writers Reveal Their Picks

Who is the greatest movie badass of all time? That's the question MTV has been asking accomplished actors, filmmakers, and readers of Movies Blog and Splash Page, and we're happy to announce that the final results are in!

We'll reveal the baddest of the badasses on February 6 at 7:15 PM (EST), when MTV announces the winner live at New York Comic Con and here on Until then, however, MTV is revealing each of the 10 finalists for the "Greatest Badass" mantle -- one per day and in alphabetical order. So far, we've honored the extensive badassery of "Star Wars" bounty hunter Boba Fett and "Alien" fighter Ellen Ripley, while notable MTV Movies mainstays Kurt Loder and Larry Carroll each provided their lists of the film world's greatest tough guys (and gals).

And just in case you needed a reminder why why Boba Fett made the cut, here's a montage we created of some of his greatest hits (minus the dip into the Sarlacc pit, of course):

It's always a good time to watch Boba Fett in action, isn't it? Keep it locked to every day leading up to the big reveal on Friday, Feb. 6 to find out more of the contenders for the title of GREATEST BADASS IN MOVIE HISTORY!