McLovin' Eager To See Nic Cage 'Kick-Ass,' Talks Sequel And Costume Changes

'Kick-Ass'When we recently listed our most anticipated comic-based movies of 2009, there was little doubt that we had to save a spot for the next flick from the mind of “Wanted” creator Mark Millar: the everyday hero story "Kick-Ass." And after getting a recent look at the "Kick-Ass" cast -- which includes the unusual teaming of Nicolas Cage and “Superbad” super-geek Christopher Mintz-Plasse, we have a feeling that when this flick comes out later this year, we’ll be McLovin’ it.

So naturally, when we recently caught up with Mintz-Plasse, we had to ask him whether “Kick Ass” will, well … do exactly that.

“I hope so,” the 19-year-old actor told MTV. “That’s all I can say is that I hope it will kick-ass. I don’t personally kick-ass in it, but other people kick-ass in it, and the movie will be kick-ass.”

Like the comic series, the flick will follow Dave Lizewski (Aaron Johnson), an ordinary New York teen who decides to become a real-life superhero. Mintz-Plasse has been cast as the wannabe-superpowered Red Mist, while Cage will play a former cop who has trained his 11-year-old daughter to be a vigilante.

“Oh my god, man, he kicks more ass than in that movie ‘Next,’” Mintz-Plasse said of Cage. “He kicks more ass than he does in that; it’s insane. I’ve seen some of the footage and he is insane in it.”

Most importantly to Millar’s loyal fans, however, is how closely “Stardust” director Matthew Vaughn plans to stick by their beloved comic series. “The only thing that is not loyal is my costume,” Mintz-Plasse explained. “It looks different than the costume in the comic; but everything else is the same. I remember some people were not happy about ‘Wanted,’ because it was nothing like the comic. But this is dead-on.”

“That is what Matthew wanted to do,” the former McLovin’ beamed. “And he made it happen.”

The stars and filmmakers are so pleased with the flick, in fact, that they’re already talking sequel. “We’re hopeful,” revealed Mintz-Plasse. “I would have a pretty big part in the second one, if [the first ‘Kick-Ass’] does well in the box office.”

What say you? Does “Kick-Ass” have what it takes to become Hollywood’s next great comic franchise?

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