'The Warriors' Writer Talks Baseball Furies; New Eric Powell 'Warriors' Poster Debuts Online

'The Warriors'Earlier this week, I posted an exclusive, 10-page preview of "The Warriors" comic book adaptation published by Dabel Brothers that will debut at next weekend's New York Comic Con. As one might expect while chatting up "Warriors" writer David Atchison (who's tasked with adapting the cult classic film to the comic book medium), the conversation eventually touched on the colorful gangs of Walter Hill's 1979 film -- specifically, the bat-wielding Baseball Furies.

With this week's debut of a new "Warriors" poster featuring the Furies and created by popular comic book writer/artist Eric Powell ("The Goon"), I decided to pick Atchison's brain about the the gang that arguably evolved into the film's most memorable export. (You can check out a full version of the new "Warriors" poster at the end of this post.)

"The Baseball Furies are still creepy looking," said Atchison, but the writer confessed that even he's surprised that the threat posed by the baseball-themed gang has stood the test of time.

"When I saw ['The Warriors'], I was a little kid, and I thought it was amazing because everything about it was so intense," Atchison told MTV. "But what was scary back in the '70s isn't necessarily scary now."

"The idea of guys getting assaulted with bats wouldn't even make it into the news now," he laughed.

Nevertheless, Atchison hopes to capture the danger posed by the Baseball Furies in much the same way as Walter Hill's film made a real threat out of the Furies -- as well as the rollerskating Punks, the mime-themed Hi-Hats, and various other gangs that might seem a bit, well... ridiculous... in the modern world.

"When you're young, you're like 'This is an epic battle here!'" said Atchison of the vibe Hill captured in the original film. "What we want to do is to use the strengths of the comic book medium--the things that you can do in comics that you can’t necessarily do in film--but also find ways to keep it really true to what [Hill] did."

Check out Dabel's new "Warriors" poster below, featuring art by "The Goon" artist Eric Powell. The poster will be available in limited quantities at this year's New York Comic Con (Booth #1523), along with issue #1 of "The Warriors."

'The Warriors'

What's your favorite "Warriors" gang? Have a soft spot for Saracens? Think the Rogues got a raw deal? Terrified of the Turnbull ACs?