EXCLUSIVE: New 'Coraline' Clip Brings The Bugs ... And The Wrath Of The 'Other Mother'

Yesterday, "Coraline" director Henry Selick told us why scaring children isn't always a bad thing, and today we have an exclusive clip from "Coraline" that hints at some of the frights to be found in Selick's 3D, stop-motion animated adaptation of Neil Gaiman's story.

When Coraline finds a door to another world -- a better version of her own world, in fact -- she learns that a world where everything is the way she wants it isn't always preferable, and that her "Other Mother" might not have Coraline's best interests in mind.

"Coraline" hits theaters February 6, but just in case you want to catch up with the much-anticipated adaptation, read on for a roundup of all things "Coraline" here on Splash Page.

Previously, we heard from "Coraline" director Henry Selick about his "less is more" strategy when it came to interacting with Neil Gaiman, and offered you a peek behind-the-scenes at the production of the stop-motion animation in "Coraline." We also gave you your first look at one of the promotional "Coraline" alphabet cards, and let you know the moment the first "Coraline" trailer hit the 'Net.

As far back as October, we were telling you about the "Coraline" footage we screened, and heard from the voice of "Coraline" herself, Dakota Fanning, about the film.

Looking forward to "Coraline" hitting theaters? Think that 3D, stop-motion animation and a Neil Gaiman story are the bees' knees? Let us know your thoughts on "Coraline," readers!