Stan Lee, Marvel Entertainment Hit With $750 Million Lawsuit Over Marvel Movies

Stan LeeJust as the months-long lawsuit over the rights to "Watchmen" finally comes to an amicable close, it looks like Hollywood is gearing up for yet another costly court battle in the comic book sector.

According to the Associated Press, a lawsuit was filed yesterday in a Manhattan federal court on behalf of four shareholders of Stan Lee Media, Inc. against Stan Lee, his partner Arthur Lieberman, his wife Joan Clayton, Marvel Entertainment, Inc. and producer Avi Arad. The four unnamed shareholders are seeking more then $750 million in profits from films based on Marvel characters, including "Spider-Man," "X-Men" and "Iron Man."

While details are still trickling in regarding specifics to the case, the AP reports that the lawsuit claims profits from Lee's comic creations belong to the company after emerging from bankruptcy in 2006. The suit claims Lee and the others named in the proceedings ignored the company and shareholder's interests.

Both Marvel and Lee's attorney, Mark W. Williams, made brief statements to the press rebuffing the claims, with Marvel calling the them "ridiculous," and Williams stating, "We look forward to a positive resolution for Stan Lee and his family."

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