Is Seth Rogen's 'Green Hornet' Movie Dead?

'The Green Hornet'It sounds like it may be the beginning of a death-knell for "The Green Hornet." Over at Hitfix, Drew McWeeny has word that Sony may be backing out the project completely.

Rumors of a "Green Hornet" movie have been around for years and years, ever since Kevin Smith was attached to the project as a writer and director. When Smith left the film, it seemed dead in the water, but then the rather unexpected casting news broke that placed Seth Rogen in the lead as the masked hero.

Despite some significant grumbling from fans about the films' direction, the news seemed to get better and better as Rogen rallied to have Stephen Chow play Hornet sidekick Kato (made famous in the '60s tv series by Bruce Lee). Last September, it was announced that not only would Chow star in "The Green Hornet," but that he would direct as well.

Briefly, the film seemed to be gaining momentum and winning over the internet contingent, but just last month Chow revealed that he was first out of the "Green Hornet" directors chair and, just a few days later, that Chow might be out of "Green Hornet" altogether.

Now, rumors are surfacing that "Hornet" is not set to shoot in 2009 as originally planned, and murmurings from the studio are that the project is a lost cause.

No matter how you feel about Rogen in the lead, this one counts as a loss for fans everywhere as, just like Drew explains in his piece, this "Hornet" movie not happening would probably mean a "Hornet" movie never happening. I'm hoping for the off-chance that this seeming disinterest on Sony's part is just a way of stalling and/or negotiating for the return of Chow's involvement.

That said, even if this version was the worst film ever made, it would still probably get us the original TV series properly released on DVD.

Are you up for a completely different take on "The Green Hornet" or is it time to just let this one die? Share your thoughts below!

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