New 'Watchmen' Viral Video Features 1970s News Report On Dr. Manhattan

Earlier today we pointed you toward some "Watchmen" concept art by comics artist David Finch, mentioning that the movie's promotional machine seemed to be kicking into high gear lately. Well, it looks like we were right, and that wasn't all of the new "Watchmen" material hitting the 'Net today.

Case in point: This video claiming to be a "1970 edition of NBS Nightly News" that popped up on the grid just a few hours ago.

So, what is this mysterious new video?

Posted by YouTube user thenewfrontiersman and directing viewers to the "Watchmen" viral site The New Frontiersman, the video features the following description:

"This excerpt from a 1970 edition of NBS Nightly News (anchored by NBS stalwart Ted Philips) features a special report from co-anchor Jim Sizemore looking back at ten years of Dr Manhattan."

The description closes with "Integrity in journalism... subscribe today!"

Now that is some clever marketing, eh? Yeah, we thought so, too. Here's hoping Zack Snyder and Warner Bros have more stuff like this planned as the March 6 release date for "Watchmen" approaches. It certainly makes the time go by faster!

What do you think of the new video? Let us know in the comment section!

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