Liam Neeson Says 'Dark Knight' Director Has His Number For Potential Return

While there's been no shortage of attention given to Heath Ledger's portrayal of The Joker in "The Dark Knight," the record-breaking sequel to "Batman Begins" might've never come to be if it wasn't for the success of director Christopher Nolan's first cape-and-cowl tale -- and the portrayal of its villain, Ra's Al Ghul, by Liam Neeson.

MTV caught up with Neeson during the Sundance Film Festival, and got his thoughts on both "The Dark Knight" and a potential return for his "immortal" character from the first film.

"You never know," said Neeson of the likelihood that he'll reprise the role of Ra's Al Ghul. When asked whether Nolan has his number, Neeson answered, "He does, actually."

In discussing "Dark Knight," Neeson said "the tapestry of the story was quite wonderful," but added that if he had one issue with the film, it was that it was "too long."

Thus far, many have been the rumors surrounding potential villains for the next film in Nolan's Batman franchise, but nothing concrete has emerged. While Aaron Eckhart has hinted that Two-Face could return for the "Dark Knight" sequel, MTV only recently broke the news that Nolan and writer David Goyer were discussing "Batman 3."

Would you like to see Ra's Al Ghul return in the next film? What's your ideal villain lineup?