'Iron Man 2’ & Other Upcoming Comic Book Movies: Feeling The Economic Pinch?

'Iron Man'Unless you've been living under a rock for the past year, you know that the U.S. economy isn't doing so hot right now. Since you're here for the latest comic book movie news, we'll spare you our personal politics on the state of the dollar -- but we will direct your attention to a just-published report explaining how the nation's economic woes are affecting some of 2010's most anticipated projects, including "Iron Man 2."

According to Variety, major studios will be "proceeding cautiously" in the coming months in terms of greenlighting projects or continuing with currently in-production ones, partly because of a possible SAG strike, but mostly due to the economy. Specifically, the piece points to "Iron Man 2" as an example, saying that potential "Iron Man 2" villain Mickey Rourke was given a low-ball offer of $250,000, and that Samuel L. Jackson may have been offered a similar low quote, leading him to say he might not return to the franchise as Nick Fury just last week.

This all leads to a trend among the major studios of late where, in the hopes to cut costs, they've been offering less money to talent (with very few notable exceptions). The Variety story quotes one unnamed producer as saying, "Studios are telling us, we need movies, but they want us to proceed with projects without spending money, and without actually pulling the trigger and making commitments. Producers have been wedged into this netherworld where it's like 'hurry up and wait.'"

Exactly how this will effect the slate of in-production comic films remains to be seen, but if Jackson's recent comments are any indication, fans could be in for some rough times -- and potentially bad movies -- at the multiplex.

Does the current economic climate worry you in terms of entertainment? Or do you think that the studios are in the right to ask filmmakers and actors to work with significantly tighter budgets? We'd love to hear your thoughts on this in the comments.