Watching The 'Watchmen': New TV Spot, Viral Website Opens

With that pesky "Watchmen" legal battle finally over, fans the world over can go back to simply counting down the days until March 6, when the film finally hits theaters. But since 46 days is almost a lifetime in the minds of fanboys (that's seven weeks' worth of new comic books) the fine folks at Warner Bros. continue to deliver trailers and assorted "Watchmen" goodness to keep us satiated.

Here's the TV spot that debuted yesterday:

But that's not all "Watchmen" fans were treated to in the last 24 hours.

The new "Watchmen" viral site we mentioned a few weeks back based on Rorschach's newspaper of choice,, has finally opened up and is chock full o' interesting back story and assorted free goodies like wallpapers and buddy icons. It's definitely worth a visit, "Watchmen" watchers!

What do you think of the new "Watchmen" TV spot? And did you check out Talk it up in the comments!