'Watchmen' Movie Lawsuit Update: Hearing Cancelled, Settlement Likely?

'Watchmen'Another day, another piece of news involving the legal battle over the "Watchmen" movie. Today, The Hollywood Reporter has word that the court hearing scheduled for next Tuesday, January 20th has been canceled, fueling speculation that a settlement has been reached.

Just a day ago, we had word that Warner Bros. was meeting with Fox in an attempt to hammer out the no-doubt complicated settlement that would allow Warner to release "Watchmen" on its scheduled date of March 6. While full details of a settlement are, even when officially announced, probably going to be kept mum, rumor has it that Fox is expected to take in tens of millions of dollars and may very well wind up with their logo attached to prints worldwide.

This story has been building since last year when Fox announced the plans for the "Watchmen" lawsuit but really came to a head this past Christmas when a federal judge ruled on Fox's behalf.

Oddly enough, Fox faced a lawsuit with its own Alan Moore adapted "The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen" when screenwriter/director Larry Cohen accused the studio of ripping off one of his ideas. The ensuing lawsuit forced Mr. Moore into the courtroom in Fox's defense and is cited by Moore as the chief reason he wants nothing to do with Hollywood adaptations of his works.

Popular comics columnist Rich Johnston suggested some time ago that the real target of the Fox/WB "Watchmen" lawsuit might be the 1960s "Batman" television series. Because Fox owns the show and Warner the right to distribute, the situation mirrors what is happening today with "Watchmen". If this is at all the case, then fans should, in the long run, benefit from the dispute, hopefully getting access to two very different comic book properties.

Should one side have held out longer or are you just glad there is a resolution? Let us know below!

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